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Our students are not provided only with education but also with the experience how to be prepared for success in their future career. We help them to succeed, to discover the area that attracts them and dare to follow.

  • If you haven't decided which university to join and apply, you have no idea what is the study at IM like, then watch our short report prepared for you with @mestskateleviziatrnava...
  • To study management is not only about theory, but quite the opposite. Our projects respond to current market trends, together with @fmk_ucm and @ff_ucm we decided to have a look at generation Z… @institut_manazmentu_ucm.
  • We would like to present you with the new visual identity of our university. After two and a half year of work we come with a new logo, font, name, colour, pattern and many other novelties...
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Partners and cooperation

The IM strengths is the range of cooperating organizations that increase the quality, content and depth of knowledge offered to students, as well as the attractiveness of study programs and the possibility of carrying out mandatory internships during the study.



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8:00 am - 5:00 pmSídlo Inštitútu manažmentu
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About Our Institute

Institute of Management UCM in Trnava was established on June 1, 2020 by the transformation of the Institute of Civil Society UCM in Trnava. The Institute of Management (IM), the youngest part of the UCM in Trnava, is a directly managed unit with the university-wide scope, and its study programs fill the gap in the range of study programs not only within the University of St. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava, but also throughout Slovakia.

The first students at the Institute of Management were enrolled in the academic year 2020/2021, thus the gap in the university market has been covered. The graduates´ profiles of the offered study programs are unique, so there is a great demand for them not only in Slovakia, but also abroad.


The Institute of Management is proper choice for those who want to become managers and then have no shortage of job offers.

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International cooperation

Within ERASMUS+ program the students during their study can travel and learn on new cultures or gather practical experience. 

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Bc. study

Students can develop their abilities and skills at bachelor study programme in full-time and part-time form.

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University life

Our students gain knowledge and practical experience from implementing their own projects and check whether their ideas can live their successful.

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Come study management in Trnava!

Don't know what precisely the study of the Institute of Management includes? Take a tour with us, and maybe you will find the right one for you.