Academic Information System

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Here can be found answers to frequently asked questions about the Academic Information System (AIS).

Frequently asked questions:

What is AIS?

AIS is an academic information system that help students to manage studies at the institute, or university.

Where to find AIS?

The academic information system is a web application located at
The link to AIS can also be found on the IM UCM

Note that the AIS address does not start with www.HTTPS in the address means that the communication between your computer and AIS will be encrypted.

What do I need to use AIS?

  1. In order to use AIS, you must be a regular student of UCM or have a valid UCM student ID.
  2. Have access to the Internet.
  3. Have proper configured Internet browser (Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome) – see the manuals.
  4. Advised is to have an office suite installed for some AIS outputs.
  5. Have your login name and password.

What to do when I cannot log in the AIS?

  • Do not use diacritics in the password!
  • Check whether functional Internet connection of your computer.
  • Some viruses, spyware and other malicious software can prevent the proper functioning of the Internet pages display.
  • If you use a firewall, check whether the HTTPS protocol or port 443 is allowed.
  • Check whether you are trying to log into AIS UCM and not into AIS of another university (the address must have
  • Proxy servers can prevent access to AIS. Consult your Internet service provider.
  • Do you know your login name and password?
  • If you do not see the AIS initial page, but another page does, check if there is no AIS or malfunction on the UCM page outage announced. If not, contact the helpdesk.

Some AIS parts, windows, functions do not work!

  1. Check whether what you want (to do, see) is accessible at the given moment. In the AIS, check the schedule that describes which events/activities are ever accessible.
  2. Check whether the site is in the trusted zones of your internet browser, and that the blocking of pop-up windows is also disabled
    for the site- see the manuals.
  3. Browsers other than Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox may have problems displaying AIS content.
  4. If after clicking an option only an hourglass is displayed, try to use a browser. If you are already using it, check if it is set up correctly (video manual as above).
  5. Access to AIS functions is subject to access rights. By default, students only have access to their studies administration at UCM.

I miss in AIS ...!

  • I miss the subject assessment (grade)! Contact the relevant subject examiner.
  • I cannot enrol the subject XY because it's not in offer! Contact the relevant UCM study department.
  • I am missing basic information about the subject! Contact the department that provides the subject teaching.
  • Anything else… Contact the helpdesk.