Study program

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Study program Level of Study Length of study
Management in Tourism and Hospitality – Daily form of study Bc. 3 years
Management in Tourism and Hospitality – Distant form of study Bc. 3 years

Is travelling in your DNA? Are you attracted by new countries and cultures? Are you willing to be your own boss, and do you wish to start own business? Thus, the study of of Management in tourism and hospitality will not bore you with theory but prepare you for practice.

Students develop their abilities and skills at university level and upgrade and widen their previous knowledge acquired at secondary schools focused on tourism and hotel management.

However, the opportunity is open to anyone interested in management, people, marketing, gastronomy, but also in leisure activities, geography of tourism, economics or solving practical projects. The study program graduates have a wide range of employment opportunities, not only in Slovakia, but also abroad. During the studies, students take part in various activities as a part of Semester projects, where is their knowledge gained at various courses implemented into practice.

During the six-month bachelor's internship and during bachelor's theses writing they will also verify their knowledge, abilities, and skills. The knowledge of other cultures and forms of service provision in tourism and hotel industry can students also gain through mobility programs abroad.

Profile subjects:

Fundamentals of tourism and hotel management,
• Fundamentals of management,
• Macroeconomics,
• Marketing,
• Management of animation and leisure activities,
• Communication skills,
• Religious composition of Europe,
• Human Resource Management,
• Innovation Management in Tourism and Hospitality,

Organizational culture,
• Microeconomics,
• Regional marketing,
• Sustainable tourism and hospitality, 
• Intercultural management,
• Entrepreneurship in SMEs,
• Management and managerial competences,
• Guiding activity in tourism.

Open day Application deadline Admission exams Fee
7.2.2024 20 August 2024 - external form only No 40 €


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Don't miss your chance and take a step towards a better future today!

„The manager must do his job like his hobby, take care of the hotel as it was his own, pay attention to all the details, and do his job conscientiously. This is the only way to ensure high standards and the required quality of services. First of all, it is a work with people, both employees and customers, to whom we want to offer our services and make sure they leave the hotel satisfied and happy, with a belief to return to the hotel again in the future."

Ing. Vladimír Mičko, Operations Manager, Holiday Inn Trnava

Graduate profile and application

The graduate of the study program Management in tourism and hospitality can

  • describe economic concepts, categories, and market laws,
  • characterize, classify, categorize accommodation services, facilities, gastronomy, transport services from tourism and hospitality point of view,
  • follow the principles of professional communication with clients and business partners,
  • orientate in the process of quality control and evaluation of services provided within integrated management systems,
  • have knowledge on the basics of business, labour code for work in tourism, hospitality, and gastronomy,
  • orientate in the regional geography of tourism, including natural, historical, and cultural heritage,
  • manage customer service,
  • apply time management and practically apply adequate marketing strategies and business procedures,
  • plan and implement the project, process the feedback on its quality and success.

Application of graduates in practice

  • a manager of a small company or non-profit organization who knows how to run the operation and development of businesses operating in the field of tourism and hospitality competently and comprehensively,
  • team leader na pozícii strednej úrovne riadenia vo verejnej a štátnej správe, zameranej na oblasť cestovného ruchu,
  • an employee at sections or departments of tourism and regional development,
  • a mid-level manager in district and regional tourism organizations,
  • an employee of tourist and information centres, 
  • a mid-level manager in regional development agencies, focused on the application of innovations and tourism development,
  • a private entrepreneur in the field of tourism and a small tourism organization,
  • an event manager, 
  • a reception manager (or manager of another part of a hotel, restaurant),
  • a chief manager of the hotel's leisure activities,
  • a restaurant facility manager,
  • an F&B manager,
  • an administrator of an accommodation facility,
  • a tour guide,
  • a hotel manager,
  • a free time animator
  • a Concierge...

Study content

The Bachelor study program in both full-time and part-time forms also includes semestral projects aimed at solving specific assignments in which the students connect the acquired knowledge with practice needs.

As a part of the study program, the student completes the courses as follows:.

Entrance examinations

In the case of only getting ready for graduation, your acceptance for the study depends on two issues:

  • grades during the study from the profile subjects, which are as follows:
    • slovak language and literature,
    • history (or equivalent subject),
    • economics (or equivalent subject),
    • foreign language,
  • whether you have passed the external part of graduation exam in the foreign language at level B2 or B1, or whether you have completed a bilingual secondary school or obtained a certificate at level C1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

If you are the old form graduates, into account is taken as follows:

  • the overall result of the graduation exam,
  • achieved success.

The admission committee makes a qualitative scoring of applicants based on their results from the profile subjects at secondary school. Simply - if you had good grades in the given subjects, you have a high chance to become our student. Various diplomas and awards received for extra-curricular activities during your secondary education are recommended as attachment toyour application.