Science and research

Manažment štúdium

Scientific and research activity is an important area of interest of the Institute of Management UCM in Trnava. Since its establishment in 2020, the Institute has been building its scientific research activities in the field of science and research in the field of Economics and Management. Through these activities it is developing its attractiveness in relation to potential partner universities at home or abroad, but it is also building its prestige and attractiveness in relation to partners frombusiness practice and the general public.

The aim of the Institute of Management UCM is to continuously strive to increase the qualitative level of its scientific and research activities and its active implementation in the educational process in accordance with the established standards for study programmes. The development of accredited study programmes is conditioned by the scientific research activity, which is also related to it. Ensuring this connection requires quality staffing and appropriate conditions for the development of scientific research and pedagogical activities. Increasing the qualification structure of creative staff is one of the basic planned strategies of the UCM Institute of Management.

Scientific and research activities carried out at the UCM Institute of Management are implemented in accordance with the accreditation standards of the Slovak Accreditation Agency for Higher Education and in accordance with them the UCM Institute of Management tries to set its own scientific and publishing strategies, based on the concepts, directions and strategies set at the entire UCM in Trnava. In addition to the focus of the research itself, the strategy of the scientific research activities of the UCM Institute of Management also includes the ambition to involve all creative staff in research activities.

Currently, the Institute of Management UCM is involved in national projects within the general VEGA and KEGA calls, in which the Institute of Management UCM is the lead researcher and co-researcher. In addition, the creative employees are involved in international Erasmus+ and Visegrad fund projects.

Under the patronage of the Institute of Management of UCM or in its cooperation, international scientific conferences and a number of popularization events are held annually. The activities of the staff of the Institute of Management of UCM are also reflected in the memberships in several scientific councils, commissions, organizations, institutions, both at home and abroad, as well as in the editorial boards of scientific periodicals. These memberships represent not only their person, but also their field of study, their department and the entire university.