IM values

IM values

Inštitút manažmentu – IM – I‘M - Ja som

The IM management with pedagogues and students create one unit, therefore we have created a set of values to characterize us, as they correspond to our preferable behaviour. The values result from the culture we have built and formed together. The concept of culture represents a society or a group of people with certain set informal rules followed by its members. 

The values express what is important for us in our life or at a certain time, in our personal or professional sphere. The settings have been formed during our entire lives based on the fellowship we are just in, and with whom we meet. They express what are we really like as well as who we want to become.

I´M IM – I am the Institute of Management. I am cooperation, I am trust, I am friendship.



Cooperation denotes an effort that arises from individuals for summum bonum ; we help and support each other in different ideas and thoughts, work together not because we must, but because we want to, and that is what makes us different, because together we can always reach more.



Small deeds and the way of our behaviour is the way to build our trust, it is the cornerstone to build our relations. Trust is also the sense of security, the sign of our good will, thus thanks to all of us, it has been constantly growing in the Institute environment.



The value of friendship is an important item at the Institute of Management. We mutually create good relations among students as well as among teachers. The friendships are created based on trust, and we believe, that some of them have already been friendships for life.


Our team functioning is mainly based on open communication where the trust takes part in it. We have a place for our speech, possibility to express own opinions and feelings. We have been trying to listen to each other. We do not judge or criticize.


The team may not be successful from the moment of its creation. The team spirit and success can be built step by step. Not only our work or opinions have been developed and shaped together, but mainly our personalities. While different tasks solving, we get to know each other, respect and learn from our individualities as well as differences.


Creative thinking opens many doors for us. We create and learn how to materialize our ideas, whereas creativity reveals who we are. Our uniqueness is created by authenticity and uniqueness of our personalities. We throw projects, activities, create plans we want to achieve.


The institute considers innovative teaching methods as we are not afraid of new things. The hybrid form of teaching is one of them. Innovations is the driving force of our society, our knowledge and work efficiency is improved.


Study at the Institute of Management gives us the highest possible quality of study it can offer. It runs in compliance with the requirements allocated to university study today. The Institute provides us with the best and highest-quality teachers not only from the field of Economics and Management, but also out of the area.


The value of education has been very important today. The education and knowledge can be acquired only through a high-quality study, that the Institute of Management is able to provide. We, as future managers, will be allowed to apply in the market, at work or in business.


Uniqueness symbolizes how special the Institute of Management is to us. Its uniqueness is complemented by study programs, expertise, the information we receive and the education we acquire. All the precious aspects are carried by us as well as by our pedagogues, who share them with us for our lives as they believe in us.


At the Institute of Management, we have been motivated by the study itself, where our goal is to obtain the dreamt title and diploma. We are motivated to have excellent academic scoring, become successful managers, acquire new information and experience in the business sphere and achieve our goals. As human beings we need to grow, learn new things and progress.


Respect is the manifestation of moral attitudes and their proper setting. Respect is the gateway to fulfilling relations and partnerships. To achieve our goals means to live a happy and contented life that can be achieved by regular esteem and respect of values expression.