The Institute of Management offers several scholarships to help you and your families to cover the study costs. Scholarships and grants are the type of support without the repay that can take the form of university, social, incentive, or special-purpose scholarships.

Types of Scholarships

Social Scholarship

The social scholarship is paid to students in material need where the household income does not exceed the minimum living wage. The student must submit and apply for the social scholarship.

Incentive scholarship

The incentive scholarship is awarded to smart students with a desire to learn and achieve above-average study scoring. After active year the selected students are financially rewarded, without prior application, as the incentive scholarship is proposed by the Director of the Institute based on the student´s previous year scoring or achievements.

Pregnancy scholarship

Pregnancy scholarship can be granted to a pregnant university student studying in a full-time and part-time form of the study program at the first, second or third level, who is a permanent resident of the Slovak Republic and is not entitled for the pregnancy allowance. The pregnancy scholarship is granted based on the student's written request.

Special-purpose scholarship from own sources

University of St. Cyril and Methodius can grant a special-purpose scholarship to students who: excellently fulfil the study obligations; achieve excellent results in the field of study, research, development, artistic or sports activities; as well as in the case of difficult social, financial, and family circumstances.

Grant Conditions

The individual conditions vary based on the scholarship type

  • The study must not be interrupted during the academic year.
  • Average study scoring up to 1,5.
  • Completion of courses at regular term, or at the first re-sit but from two subjects maximum.
  • Successful university or the Slovak Republic representation at competitions.
  • Extraordinary elaboration of thesis.
  • Achieved excellent results in the field of study, research, development, artistic or sports activities.
  • Cases of difficult social, financial, and family conditions.
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The financial study support can be granted for excellent study scoring, appreciated are also extraordinary research projects or artistic performances. For more information check the list of scholarships or funds to support your study.

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