Final Thesis

According to the Universities Act, the final thesis is part of the university studies according to each study programme. Its defence is part of the state examination and is one of the conditions for the proper completion of studies. The author of the thesis is a student of the Institute of Management.

The final thesis is an individual work of the student. The bachelor's thesis is intended to demonstrate the student's ability to work creatively independently and to prove the verification of the level of knowledge and skills in the field of study in which he/she is to complete the study programme. At the same time, the student is to demonstrate adequate knowledge of the knowledge of the problem under study and to apply his/her skills in collecting, interpreting, processing basic literature and to prove the application of the basics of standard scientific methods in the problem under study. From the formal and content point of view, the bachelor thesis must have elements of originality, originality, theoretical summarization and application in practice, where it is a solution of a partial task that is related to the future focus of the student. The bachelor thesis has a theoretical-applicational character.

The bachelor thesis is an authentic school work, created by the author in compliance with the rules of working with information sources. The school work must not be in the nature of plagiarism, must not infringe the copyright of other authors. The author is obliged to cite consistently any information sources used, to mention by name and specifically the results of research of other authors or author teams by citing the relevant source, to describe accurately the methods and working procedures used by other authors or author teams, to document the primary research of other authors or author teams. The author may not resubmit his/her own identical or slightly modified work that has already been submitted once as a thesis.

The student has the right to propose his/her own topic for the bachelor thesis. However, it is necessary to approach a potential supervisor (a staff member of the institute) with the proposal of his/her own topic by 31th December of the respective academic year. The teaching staff member of the institute either agrees/disagrees with the topic proposal or modifies the topic more closely to the programme of study the student is studying. If necessary, the student may simultaneously work on the thesis under the supervision of a consultant from practice in addition to the supervisor.

The Institute of Management publishes proposals for the topics of bachelor theses through the AIS system during the winter semester, no later than 28th February of the relevant academic year. The Director of the Institute of Management or his/her designee is responsible for the publication of the topics and the correct metadata (type of thesis, language of the thesis, secondary language, title of the thesis in Slovak and English, annotation, etc.).

Before individual bachelor thesis topics are entered into the AIS system, their title and annotation (topicality and applicability in practice) with a link to the study programme will be assessed by the director of the institute and the person responsible for the implementation, development and quality of the study programme.

The registration of students for bachelor thesis topics in the AIS system is open until 15 March of the respective academic year:

  • for full-time students in the 2nd year of Bc. all study programmes,
  • for full-time students in the 3rd year of B.Sc. all study programmes.
  • To log in you need to select the following steps:
    • login to the AIS system (student name and password),
    • section → Study records → select row → VSES017 Study, enrolment sheets, final theses, state examinations,,
    • select the tab → Final Thesis → then the icon → Log in to submit your thesis,,
    • The student will be presented with a list of topics to choose from:
      • topic of the thesis,
      • the next academic year,
      • the type of thesis (bachelor's / master's thesis),
      • the programme of study they are studying.

The Institute of Management will publish the approved topics for individual students with assigned supervisors in the AIS system no later than 30 April of the relevant academic year.

After the approval of the thesis topic, the student shall request by e-mail the assigned thesis supervisor for consultation on the thesis. If necessary, the thesis advisor from the practice will also participate in the consultation.

In justified cases, the student may request a change of the thesis topic or supervisor no later than the first week of the winter semester of the academic year following the academic year in which the student applied for the thesis topic. The change of topic shall be approved by the Institute Director of the Institute or his/her delegate (Study Coordinator).