Projects of IM students

Students can not only participate in lectures, seminars, and workshops, but also in various activities held in or outside the premises of UCM in Trnava, organized by the Institute of Management. Based on scientific knowledge and close cooperation with practice, the Institute of Management aims to offer the practice with graduates capable of reflecting current and future trends in the field of management, tourism, and hospitality industry. During the study, as part of semester projects, students can participate in activities, where the knowledge gained during the lessons is put into practice. Students acquire practical skills in terms of implementing their own projects and verify whether their idea has sense, can come to life and be successful in the practice of tourism. Until now, students of the UCM Institute of Management in Trnava have already implemented a number of projects, e.g. Swap clothes in Baterkáreň, Swap books in Podivni Baroni in Púchov, Coffee stop, Travel talk, TOP excursion in Hotel pod Lipou and many others.