Feedback from students

Feedback od študentov IM UCM

The goal of getting regular feedback from the students of the study program is to ensure the continuous improvement of the educational process quality in compliance with the UCM mission, the long-term strategic development plan and the educational process standards.

Monitoring and evaluation of the study program Management in Tourism and Hospitality focuses on complex evaluation of teaching, in the context of individual courses, where the student could evaluate each completed course:

  • the perception and usefulness of the course in the study program context,
  • the content of provided course (own point of view on brought information to the given issue),
  • the teacher´s readiness and expertise in the context of abilities to answer supplementary students ‘questions,
  • the teacher's ability to provide information in a comprehensible way (teach, explain, clarify the issue),
  • teacher's approach (willingness to advise, help, listen, explain, ...).