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History of the IM

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The Institute of Management UCM in Trnava was established on June 1, 2020 by the transformation of the Institute of Civil Society UCM in Trnava. The Institute of Management (IM), the youngest part of the UCM in Trnava, is a directly managed unit with the university-wide scope, and its study programs fill the gap in the range of study programs not only within the University of St. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava, but also throughout Slovakia. The first students at the Institute of Management were enrolled in the academic year 2020/2021, thus the gap in the university market has been covered.

The graduates´ profiles of the offered study programs are unique, so there is a great demand for them not only in Slovakia, but also abroad. An important feature of education at the Institute of Management is not only the focus on professional excellence, but also on the very practise-based education meeting the requirements of business practice. The goal of the Institute of Management UCM is to offer the complete university education, gradually at all three levels, and prepare highly qualified graduates with the ability to work successfully in managerial positions, but also able to start their own business.

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Our Philosophy

„All the good instincts in people are awoken by their direct and simple actions. If you act openly, with the intention to serve people, your success is inevitable.“ 

– Tomáš Baťa


Our Principles

Study is the preparation for a responsible life in a free society, in the spirit of understanding, tolerance, equality and friendship among nations.

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The key to Success

„People do not fail because they are at fault but because the failure is a part of their path leading to success.“ 

– Paul McKenna

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Institute of Management

We are a rapidly growing institution, gradually finding its position and gaining the attractiveness, both in the eyes of current and potential students and pedagogues, as well as among university workplaces operating in the given area in Slovakia and surrounded territories. Based on the scientific knowledge and close cooperation with practice, IM tends to offer the practice with graduates ready to reflect the current as well as future trends in the field of management, tourism, and hospitality industry.

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Our students

You will not drown in theory with us, quite the opposite. Are you willing to run your own business? Since you experience how to manage your own projects at school, after completing the study, throw yourself into it. You do not have to know the lessons from A to Z, but important is the ability to think, discuss and implement all the gained information and knowledge in everything you enjoy and want to do in your future.

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Our students not only participate in lectures, seminars, and workshops, but also in various activities organized by the Institute of Management held both on as well as outside the UCM grounds.