University life

Events and traditions

The Institute of Management organizes many events that educate, expand your horizons, and create many memories. On yearly basis are individual events organized by pedagogues, doctoral students, but especially by our smart students.

Follow the activities, events, announcements on the website, information in the newsletter, IM Instagram, and IM Facebook, where you find the exact dates of all events organized and held at our institute. If you have ideas for new super events or wish to join the organization of these events, do not hesitate to contact the organizers, or contact the teachers and doctoral students. IM is open to the initiative students with creative ideas.

Student activities

Every year are held university and inner-university football, volleyball, and basketball matches, organized by the university, the Cabinet of Physical Education and Sports and the Cabinet of Events.

Social life

The UCM Institute of Management and the city of Trnava provide several options how to spend your free time meaningfully. Trnava is one of the most beautiful cities in Slovakia, as every visitor can confirm.

IM UCM študenti


The city of Trnava offers several options for traveling.

IM students have several options how to get to the university. The city infrastructure provides the possibility of travelling by train, bus, or car.

Green transport

The Institute of Management supports all kinds of eco-friendly forms of travel such as scooters, bicycles, etc., parking stands are also reserved for students in the vicinity of the university buildings.

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Institute of Management

Important for us is the use of knowledge and experience in your future job. With us you can be trained in a real company in the field of tourism and hospitality, where an entire semester you spend with one of our partners, thus everything you have learned during the courses is directly verified in practice.

IM UCM stravovanie

The Institute of Management provides the students with the dining option at university canteens and buffets at student prices.


Regularly, on yearly basis are organized university and inter-university matches in football, volleyball, and basketball, as well as many other sports events.

Univerzitné divadlo UCM

The university has had a university theatre and a choir since 2010, where the new members are more than welcomed at any time during the academic year.

Internát UCM

The Institute of Management provides the students with accommodation options at several university facilities. The accommodation is connected with a selection procedure and offered at student prices.

Isic študenta IM

Every full-time and part-time student of the Institute of Management disposes with a student card, used for identification, proof and benefits provision.

Lekárska starostlivosť UCM

The university provides the students with a school clinic to ensure high-quality medical and preventive care.