International cooperation

Erasmus mobilita IM

University of St. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava in cooperation with the Slovak Academic Association for International Cooperation (SAAIC) provide students, graduates, and employees with the opportunity to explore how people live, study and work abroad. If a university student is willing to become an Erasmus+ student, and is interested to experience how to live and study abroad, wants to meet new people, culture and establish contacts, or is interested in traveling as an employee - everyone can find more information here.

University of St. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava has been expanding the international contacts with important world and European educational institutions, organizations and other partners in the field of science, research and education. Internationalization is perceived as one of the prerequisites to increase the quality of higher education at the Institute of Management as well as it is the important tool for experience exchange, development of language and intercultural skills of students and university staff.

The international cooperation and its development at the University and the Institute has been realized in the form of bilateral and multilateral agreements, aimed at mutual exchange of students, teaching and non-teaching staff, as well as through the international scientific projects and their implementation, and organization of joint scientific events with presentation of work results in the form of joint publications. Receiving foreign visitors, delegations and experts also support and develop international relations, enriches teaching process, and contributes to the science, research and education internationalization.

Students and employees, willing to stay abroad, can choose from a wide range of mobilities through the Erasmus+ program or they can stay abroad on the basis of international bilateral agreements, or find opportunities within other mobility and scholarship schemes and programs.

Contracted universities


ISCED code

Funchal University, Madeira


1015 Travel, tourism, leisure

University of Business in Prague

Czech Republic

1015 Travel tourism, leisure

Mendel University in Brno

Czech Republic

041 Business and Administration

University of Technology and Economics in České Budějovice

Czech Republic

041 Bussiness and Administration

Vysoká škola polytechnická v Jihlavě

Czech Republic

1015 Travel, tourism, leisure

Sveučilište near Zadar


041 Bussiness and Administration (1015)

Politechnika Czestochowska, Czestochowa


041 Bussiness and Administration

Pan-European University in Prague

Czech Republic

1015 Travel, tourism, leisure
0410 Business and administration
0414 Marketing and advertising

Silesian University in Opava

Czech Republic

1015 Travel, tourism, leisure

What is "Erasmus+"?

Erasmus+ is the European Union's education and training programme for mobility and cooperation in higher education in Europe.

The programme is intended for students:

a) studying abroad,

b) internships abroad,

c) graduate traineeships (only students in their final year can apply, and they will complete the traineeship after graduation).

What does Erasmus+ mean for students in practice?

Studying at one of the partner institutions is free of any fees (tuition fees, etc.). Once the Erasmus student status has been obtained from the sending university, the student can enjoy all the benefits and obligations associated with the programme. One of the fundamental obligations is to draw up a study plan at the receiving university so that the student receives a minimum of 20 (15) ECTS.

The system of allocating places within the Erasmus+ programme uses a selection procedure at the Institute of Management of UCM. All information about study stays, ERASMUS+ project mobility of students, teaching, and non-teaching staff can be found on a separate page UCM. 

Click on the links to learn more about the specific details and individual types of Erasmus+: