Bachelor practice

Štúdium manažmentu IM UCM

Completion of the bachelor's internship is part of the study programme Management in tourism and hospitality, in the field of Economics and Management.

Students of the Institute of Management, in the full-time form of study, participate in the bachelor's internship in the 6th semester (summer semester), in the scope of 120 hours. Students of external studies will complete the bachelor practice in the 8th semester (summer semester), in the scope of 120 hours.

The student chooses the organisation in which he/she completes the internship, independently or in cooperation with the recommendation of the supervisor of the bachelor's thesis or the teacher responsible for the bachelor's internship. The choice of the organisation, as well as the performance of the work activities, corresponds to the topic of the student's bachelor thesis and to the relevance to the study programme. The specific institution for the internship is approved by the Director of the Institute of Management.

Before starting the internship, the student submits four signed copies of the Student's Internship Agreementto the lecturer responsible for the undergraduate internship, no later than by the end of the examination period of the winter semester of the academic year in the corresponding academic year. During the internship, the student prepares a Bachelor's Internship Report, which he/she submits, together with the Certificate of Participation in the Bachelor's Internship, to the teacher in responsible charge of the Bachelor's Internship after the end of the Bachelor's Internship.

The Bachelor's internship must be completed during the summer semester, at the latest by the end of the summer semester, according to the UCM in Trnava Academic Year Study Schedule for the corresponding academic year.

After completing the internship, the student expands his/her knowledge in the field that corresponds to the topic of the bachelor thesis and is also informed about the basic framework of the use of theoretical knowledge and its application in the practice of tourism and hotel management. The student will also gain experience in a real working environment and be able to apply the basic knowledge in solving actual practical issues. The student will also acquire the ability to navigate through a range of theoretical approaches to solving practical issues related to the topic of the bachelor thesis and the organisation in which the bachelor practice is carried out and will be prepared to apply the acquired competences in practical activities after graduation. The student will also strengthen his/her civic competences, ability to solve concrete problems, communication skills, flexibility in creative and critical thinking.

Contracted organisations for bachelor's internship for the year 2024:

Contracted organisations for bachelor's internship for the year 2023: