Gender equality policy/ Gender policy

Politika rodovej rovnosti IM UCM

University of St. Cyril and Methodius considers the equal value of all people and the equality opportunities for all individuals as fundamental principles for modern education and scientific knowledge development. The university advocates for the provision of equal opportunities for education, working conditions and recognition of work to use the creative potential of women and men, as well as to develop their personal ambitions, interests, and talents.

UCM strives to apply gender equality and development strategies in its daily life, to create trust, essential for maintaining the university as the community of free, critically thinking, and creative human beings. In this sense, it creates a space that respects the personal development of individuals without gender discrimination to mobilize the university human potential, with sustainable development of its innovative capacity and ultimately the overall prosperity.

Objectives of gender equality policy

  • Create an ethical and fair university environment, based on the respect for fundamental rights to meet the needs of every individual studying or working at the university, as well as respect for diversity.
  • Identify and eliminate any form of discrimination within all university activities in accordance with internationally recognized standards.
  • Support the creative potential and ambitions of studying and scientifically educated women and men, regardless the differences based on any discriminatory reason, in order to prevent wasting their talent, increase their motivation and loyalty.
  • Utilize all university human resources and capabilities, provided by both sexes, in order to increase the potential for quality and excellent research and education.

Instruments of gender equality policy

  • Create an institutional infrastructure to implement gender equality policy and strategic goals for gender equality at UCM in Trnava.
  • Process the strategy or plan to achieve gender equality at UCM in Trnava.
  • Define recommendations to create gender equality policy tools at UCM in Trnava.
  • Monitore the state of gender equality at UCM in Trnava.